A Review of Public and Private Investment in South Africa

The paper aims to put the limelight on the growth dynamics of public and private investment in South Africa from the apartheid period through to 2012. With the adopted inward-looking growth policy during the apartheid, massive economic infrastructure public investment stimulated private investment. Growth buoyancy of private investment continued with the implementation of the market system in 1994, complemented by the core infrastructure growth. While the South African investment climate is considered to be competitive, at least in comparison to other African economies, there are areas that still need further improvement to unlock higher investment growth potential that includes non-all-inclusive infrastructure.

Keywords: South Africa; Apartheid; Public Investment; Private Investment; State Owned Enterprises; Market System; Economic Growth

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Makuyana, G. & Odhiambo, N. M. (2016) A Review of Public and Private Investment in South Africa. Journal of Global Analysis, 6, no. 2: 141-156.

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