Aims & Scope

The Journal of Global Analysis, the official journal of the Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis focuses on the interconnected subfields within International Relations; such as international security, international political economy, international organisations, foreign policy analysis, etc.

It endeavours to present clear thinking by knowledgeable observers on important issues, written in English that can be read with ease and pleasure by both professionals and a broad general audience. Therefore, the Editors welcome all submissions under the rubric of Global Analysis. The Journal’s preference will be given to articles that address and contribute to important disciplinary and interdisciplinary questions and controversies.

In pursuance of its ideals The Journal of Global Analysis will not dedicate itself to the support of any one cause, however worthy. The Journal’s articles will not represent any consensus of convictions. What is demanded of them is that they shall be competent and well informed, representing honest opinions seriously held and convincingly expressed.

The Centre for Strategic Research and Analysis and the Editors of the Journal of Global Analysis do not expect that readers of the review will sympathise with all the sentiments they find, for some of our writers will flatly disagree with others. It does not accept responsibility for the views expressed in any article, which appears in the Journal of Global Analysis.