Book Review – Radical Feminist: Feminist Activism in Movement

This book is a highly informative historical resource. Just as the title suggests, the book talks about the radical feminist movement in the UK from 1970’s to the present. Mackay presents the feminist movement in waves. The book is organized into two phases. The first phase presents he events that led to the first RTN (reclaim the night) protest in the U.K. In the second phase, Mackay talks about postmodern theories within the feminist movement. While many people may view violence against women as a new phenomenon, Mackay makes it clear that violence targeting women dates back to the dawn of humanity and ending it needs banding together of women. Overall, the book attempts to distinguish the second and third feminist movement waves. As such, the book is very relevant to historians and educators who would want to promote discourse about the differences between the second and third waves of the feminist movement.
The first portion of the book presents a very compelling argument regarding the movement, with the events leading to the first RTN in the U.K organized in a chronological order. According to Mackay, the second wave developed out of necessity. In the 1970’s, there was pronounced domestic, sexual, physical and even verbal violence against women and women could not hold it anymore. According to Mackay, this fight in U.K was directly inspired by fight for equality among white and Black Americans initiated and propagated by the Civil Rights Movement, which had stimulated the emergence of women activists in the U.S. According to the author, female activists in the United States is what inspired women in the U.K to start fighting against violence.

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Yenilmez, M. I. (2016) review of Radical Feminist: Feminist Activism in Movement, Finn Mackay,  Journal of Global Analysis, 6, no. 2: 225-226.

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