Book Review | The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower

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  1. Yuan Hao says:

    After viewing this as a non-academic… my remarks as follows: (abridged text)

    “Pillsbury… describes the rising …player.. seeks to replace US .. while destroying democracy, freedom of speech and the global environment. ”

    Then Why USA left the Paris Global Warming Accord?

    “Pillsbury’s ….persuasive….trained in Chinese reinforces his claims against China..”

    As one Malaysian (half baked Chinese ) very shocked that as a Taiwanese(95% ? Chinese) can be hoodwinked by A typical American imperialist!.

    ”…. reduction of greenhouse gases, nuclear non-proliferation”

    Then why Trump advocate “ Rebuild the nuclear armaments so strong that will deter any attack by foreigner……” during his 1st Union Speech 2018!

    Indeed United Nations is still the most viable and legitimate world organization .. why USA undermined its operation by refusing to pay USA due and the numerous occasions that went against UN decisions unilaterally! Just to compare…. USA democratic systems under Trump has damaged the moral authority and rule of ethics that manifested the obstruction of justice with corrupt intent! Not the American people but just one man has and will continue to destroy the “ True American Spirit” unless checked, this is an example of “ Tyranny of a majority in a democratic system!” (case reference when Republican voted to disclose negative remarks on FBI while voted against disclosure of remarks from Democrats, 31st Jan, 2018)

    Pillsbury has tremendous insights about China but lacking in-depth and rational understanding and gist of “China Dream” within the Chinese psychic as interpreted by Kishore Mahubuni, Wang Gungwu, Naoll Ferguson especially Mark Jaques…

    PRC is using socialist system as one of the convenient tools to manage the journey towards China Dream for 1.4 million people( USA only 320 million, 2 parties but still trying to manage its own(imperfect) democratic system after more than 200 years ).. other tools is their history and culture (Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and any good Western/foreign management systems as Mao said ” Yang Ren Chong Yong!”

    Pillsbury mentioned that CCTV is a MESSAGE POLICE, why not? Trump has used his campaign machinery so well based on the fact USA is the Mother of Marketing Systems in particular Public Relation! LOL, every time I hear him says CNN is fake News! I really enjoy the American openness but only among themselves!

    I would love to engage a discourse with Mr Tony Liu if he is willing…..

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