Domestic Norms and Foreign Policy: A Research Note

The constructivist research agenda on norms has been dominated by international norms research with studies only rarely focusing on domestic norms. The research agenda on domestic norms, however, is dominated by the use of norms in explaining the domestic construction of foreign policies. Domestic norms’ internationalisation and functioning in an overseas setting has thus been a neglected research domain. This research note, based on the experience of the author in his doctoral research on domestic norms, has been written to shed some light on domestic norms research and to encourage more studies in the field. Accordingly, the paper, while reflexively visiting the relevant literature, brings about answers to the issues debated around the following questions: ‘How could an existent norm that is guiding a foreign policy practice be identified’? And ‘how can the overseas diffusion and implications of a domestic norm be traced and reported’? The responses to these questions will show the reader where to start a domestic norm-guided foreign policy enquiry and how to trace internationalisation of domestic norms thus the functioning of foreign policy-guiding domestic norms in an overseas setting.
Keywords: Domestic Norms, Foreign Policy Analysis, Norm-guided Foreign Policy, Overseas Norm Diffusion, Socialisation.

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Tabak, H. (2016) Domestic Norms and Foreign Policy: A Research Note. Journal of Global Analysis, 6, no. 2: 189-213.

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