Freedom of Speech, Controversies and Muslims: A Review Essay

Muslims remain as conspicuous minorities in the West where they encountered numerous challenges; one of the key ones is the maintenance of their religious identities amidst a predominantly secular society. Whilst some succeeded to overcome the challenges, others found themselves absorbed into the secular environment and as a result they abandoned their identities as Muslims. From among the latter group there are those such as Salman Rushdie and Hirsi Ali who not only rejected their identities but who began to write against the traditions within which they were nurtured and grew up. As they articulated their ideas in publications and through other means, they were countered by an array of Muslim representative organizations that touched upon the question of the ‘Freedom of Speech’ and the ‘Freedom of Religion.’ As expected these critical voices of Muslims and Islam were given full support by Islamphobic individuals such as Theo van Gogh and others. In this review essay the focus is Anshuman Mondal’s Islam and Controversy that critically evaluated the ideas of a few of these individuals and their works (i.e. novels, films and cartoons).
Key words: Free Speech, Controversy, Politics, Islam, Muslims

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Haron, M. (2016) Freedom of Speech, Controversies and Muslims: A Review Essay. Journal of Global Analysis, 6, no. 2: 179-188.

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