JGA | Vol. 1 No. 1

yatay JGA 183 150Journal of Global Analysis

Vol.1 | No.1 | 2010

Click here to Download the Entire Issue (PDF | 10371 KB)

Contents / Articles

By Prof. Ranajoy Bhattacharyya and Dr. Avijit Mandal
(PDF | 461 KB)

By Dr. Gregory Borne
(PDF | 480 KB)

By Duygu Uckun and Mark Doerr
(PDF | 875 KB)

By Esengul Ayaz
(PDF | 411 KB)

Book Reviews

Constantine Arvanitopoulos (Ed.)
By Aksel Ersoy
(PDF | 188 KB)

Monica Gariup
By Kadri Kaan Renda
(PDF | 146 KB)

Razeen Sally
By Salih Altundere
(PDF | 144 KB)

Yuval Ginbar
By Dr. Murat Tumay

(PDF | 179 KB)

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