The Role of Contesting Ideologies: Civil-Military Relations in Turkey

Civil-military relationship is generally examined through the use of an institutional approach or theories (concordance) that emphasise the salience of power struggles and social cohesion. These contributions are important but often exclude the role of contesting ideologies. To address this gap, this paper takes an ideological approach to address civil-military relations in Turkey. The analyses commence with the military reforms of the Ottoman Empire in the late 19th century and the Republican period. The paper argues that modernization projects of the Empire paved the way for military superiority which turned into being saviour and founders of the Republic. It then moves to consider the ideological parameters that coloured the military establishment, arguing that the target of modernization was itself systemized and internalized into Kemalist ideology and the duty to preserve this remains inculcated in the contemporary military establishment.

Key Words: Civil-Military Relations, Turkey, Kemalism, Military Coup d’état

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Dag, R. (2016) The Role of Contesting Ideologies: Civil-Military Relations in Turkey. Journal of Global Analysis, 6, no. 2: 157-178.

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